The Different Employment Status Today In UK

A long time ago, when someone asks for the employment status of the person, we often heard only three status; employee, worker, and self-employed. Due to the divergence of works and services needed and available today, there were already few of the employment status that had been added to the list such as the following:


One can often hear them working in a non-profit organization or charity institutions. And since they just volunteer to give services, they do not get any pay for it, but it does not mean that they could not eat or enjoy whatever the token appreciation of the charity institution for him such as a meal or instant shelter. The volunteer need not much requirement or qualification to render services.

Agency Worker

The employment in this type is from the agency. It is the agency that will provide workers for the company for a short span of time or on a temporary employment basis, and it is the agency of the worker who got the responsibility of the welfare of the worker and not the employer.

Project-Based or Fixed Term worker

There is also certain job classification in the United Kingdom tax systemthat does not need a permanent worker, and they can be a project-based worker. For instance, the employer will get to hire someone to fix the water pipes. After the job had been done, then that ends the employment status of the person to that employer. Certainly, one can get much employment status at the same time depending on the nature of the work need to be done.

Apprentices and On-the-job-trainings

This is an employment status that can garner recognition at the national level. You will hear this type of work status on students working in some high companies and enjoy an allowance for credit and even minimum wage from the employer after the specific years or when the program is done.

Substitute worker—-Substitute working agrees to work in the absence of the real hired employee or workers in the company. The substitute will do the work of that person and will report to the employer of the absent worker. After periods of time, it will return, and the substitute worker can relieve the post.

Intern—It is customary worldwide that student must undergo internship services for the company to get their diploma or pass the course. Whether they got an allowance or not, the most important for the students is to get the required numbers of hours so that they could pass the subject in school or university.

The benefits and rights that the person can get from the company, employer or to its client will depend on the status of his employment. Among these employment statuses in the United Kingdom, the employee got more benefits and rights. The benefits and rights of an employee status include pay slip, bonus, holiday leave, minimum wage and they rarely feel the discrimination of society. Therefore, they are regarded highly by their employer and clients. And even though one wanted to do the job but is not eligible and does not qualified for the work could not be employed.